Premium Multi-Compartment Herb Grinder with Sifting Screen

Item No: A22-P5-1 Material: Aluminum Alloy 6063 T5 Height: 63mm(2.48") Dia: 55mm(2.17") Weight:130g(4.59oz) Anodizing color,Any Color √ High Precesion CNC technology Removable Mesh Screen

Premium Multi-Compartment Herb Grinder with Sifting Screen Premium Multi-Compartment Herb Grinder with Sifting Screen

The herb grinder has a sleek design with a metallic copper finish, giving it a contemporary and elegant appearance. It's a multi-layered cylindrical device, which indicates that it's designed for efficient grinding and storage of herbs.

The detached lid features a textured edge for improved grip and internal teeth that are evenly spaced out, designed to shred herbs when the lid is twisted onto the base. The teeth are shaped to ensure a fine grind, which is essential for releasing the flavors and aromas from herbs.

Beneath the lid is the main grinding chamber, which contains a set of corresponding teeth that work in conjunction with the lid to grind the herbs. Below this chamber, there appears to be a fine mesh screen. This screen is used to sift and collect finer particles from the ground herbs, which fall into the lower compartment.

The transparent section in the middle of the grinder serves as a window, allowing visibility to the contents and the amount of ground material collected. This section can also serve as a storage compartment for keeping the herbs.

The bottom part of the grinder, which supports the entire structure,  unscrew to access the collected fine particles that passed through the mesh screen. The overall design is compact and user-friendly, with a focus on both functionality and aesthetics.

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