116mm Child-Resistant Security Pop-Top Bottle

Item No: CR-POP-116 Material: Plastic - Polypropylene (PP) Height: 116.5mm(4.6") Diameter(up): 19.4mm(0.75") Diameter(low): 17.4mm(0.68") Weight: 6G(0.2oz) Customize Logo: Available Customize Color: Available

116mm Child-Resistant Security Pop-Top Bottle 116mm Child-Resistant Security Pop-Top Bottle

The 116mm Opaque Black Plastic Pre-Roll Joint Tubes you're describing are tailored for cannabis businesses seeking a packaging solution that offers functionality and regulatory adherence without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. Their compatibility with both 98 Size and King Size pre-rolls provides versatility, while the sleek black design ensures a professional look and adherence to state compliance standards.

The added value of child-resistance features enhances safety and customer trust, crucial for maintaining a reputable brand. The availability of samples is a thoughtful touch, allowing businesses to trial the product before making a substantial investment.

Moreover, the easy labeling options cater to branding needs, enabling companies to imprint their unique branding and stand out in the market. This combination of design, functionality, and compliance positions these pre-roll tubes as a prime choice for cannabis brands looking to upgrade their packaging solutions. By placing an order, businesses can experience the benefits firsthand and potentially elevate their market presence.

  • Brand Customization: You can customize these tubes to match your brand's style.

  • Wholesale Pricing: They are available at wholesale prices, making them affordable.

  • Versatile Size: Fits 98 Size & King Size joints perfectly.

  • Safety and Compliance: They are child-resistant and meet state regulations for safety.

  • Try Before You Buy: Samples are available so you can test them before purchasing more.

  • Easy to Label: You can easily add your brand's labels to the tubes.

  • Universal Design: The opaque material ensures compliance in all states.

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