natural walnut rolling tray

Item No: TBP-WT-4 Size:293*190mm(11.5"*7.5") Weight: 403g large room for rooling

natural walnut rolling tray natural walnut rolling tray

Our natural wooden rolling tray with a smooth, polished finish. The tray is rectangular, with rounded corners for safety and comfort. It is made from high-quality walnut wood, exhibiting a deep, chocolate-brown hue that is characteristic of walnut. The wood grain is prominently visible, adding to the tray's natural aesthetic and indicating that each piece is unique.

This rolling tray is thoughtfully designed with various compartments and features tailored for rolling convenience. On the left, there’s a large rectangular area that seems perfect for preparing and rolling materials. To the right, there are multiple recessed sections of different shapes and sizes, intended for storing accessories such as grinders, rolling papers, and lighters, There is also a round depression that could serve as a holder for a bowl or an ashtray.

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